Tomi-Ann Roberts, PhD

Co-Vice President,
Board of Directors

Tomi-Ann is smiling at the camera: she has straight and short blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. She is wearing thin hoop earrings, a shiny ring, and a black sleeveless turtleneck shirt while reclining against a concrete ledge. There are pine bushes and grasses behind her.

Tomi-Ann Roberts, PhD is professor of psychology at Colorado College. She currently serves as the Co-Vice President of NEAMA's Board of Directors. Tomi-Ann earned her BA from Smith College (1985) and her doctorate (PhD) from Stanford University (1990). Her work focuses on the objectification and sexualization of girls and women, self-objectification, and the consequences of these for their embodied well-being. The first paper she co-authored on this topic, Objectification Theory, has been a highly generative contribution to gender studies, is the most cited article in the 45-year history of the journal Psychology of Women Quarterly, and helped the journal gain its standing as #1 in women’s studies. She has been covered in many media sources including the New York Times about how her experience of being sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein while a college student motivated her work on sexual objectification, contributing her scholarly voice to the #metoo movement.

In addition to her scholarly publications and teaching, she served on the American Psychological Association's Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls, the Task Force on Educating Through Feminist Research, and as President of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research from 2017-2019. She leverages feminist psychological science as a consultant for reproductive health related product brands, and as an expert witness in legal cases involving objectification and sexualization as forms of gender discrimination. Tomi-Ann served on the Youth Protection Advocates in Dance Advisory Panel from 2014-2021. However, Tomi-Ann is no longer affiliated with YPAD. She is excited to continue her long standing collaboration with Leslie Scott Zanovitch, Founder of YPAD and NEAMA, to bring evidence-based education and advocacy around sexualization to the movement arts.