Dr. Dionne Stephens


Dr. Dionne Stevens is looking into the camera with a smile. She has brown curly hair, a blue cardigan and a necklace. She is standing in front of a grey background.

Dr. Dionne Stephens' research examines socio-historical factors shaping minority populations' sexual scripting and sexual health processes, with emphasis on gender and ethnic/ racial identity development. Her research is conducted through the Health Disparities and Cultural Identities Lab. With an ultimate goal of reducing health disparities, her research specifically examines diverse cultural beliefs' influence on intimate relationships and sexual health decision making in marginalized populations.

A key goal of Dr. Stephens' work is to identify factors that can help prevent continued health disparities, particularly within understudied and marginalized communities. Her recent study outcomes highlight the importance of gender and racial/ethnic identity, familial processes, and media influences on behavioral outcomes. These studies fall under three broad research foci: Health Disparities, Identity Development, and Culture.

Dr. Stephens' publication record reflects the development of concepts and the path to her current thinking about the ways in which cultural beliefs and expectations influence health disparities, identity development, and popular culture frameworks.