Ethics & Policies

NEAMA is committed to running its mission in a manner that ensures that we are first and foremost accountable to members of the public.  In this vein, we share with you some of our internal procedures that ensure that our operations and decision making are conducted in an ethical manner and that we are serving who we're meant to serve - the movement arts community:

  • NEAMA's Safeguarding Policy outlines how our organization promotes a safe environment for children whenever NEAMA's programs put our members in contact with youth.
  • NEAMA's Hiring Policy outlines the standards we stand by and procedures we take in introducing new members into NEAMA.
  • NEAMA's Conflict of Interest Policy details how we mitigate conflicts of interest and dualities of interest internally so that decisionmaking members are not misaligned with the mission.
  • NEAMA's Whistleblower Policy details what securities and protections are given to NEAMA members who wish to speak out about potential harm and wrongdoing within the organization.

We are growing and evolving, and always intend to expand onto this work work. If you have questions about our ethics, please contact us.