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Welcome to NEAMA's Education Department, where there is something for everyone! NEAMA believes that education informs advocacy to cultivate safer, healthier, and more joyful experiences in the movement arts. All interactive workshops will be developed and facilitated by our expert teaching faculty.

Meet Dr. Christina Donaldson,
NEAMA's Education Coordinator

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Our Educational Programs


NEAMA Inside MOVES™, customized interactive movement and discussion workshops that guide youth (ages 5-17) through self-discovery exercises, and powerful community building. These workshops uncover and nurture what moves young artists on the inside (mind and spirit), to unleash confidence in their physical expression, and nurture a healthier and more loving relationship with self and others. We also provide optional movement classes.

  • Ages: 5-17
  • Cost: Pricing dependent on workshop length and topics (financial aid options available)
  • Customizable
  • Topics available

NEAMA Learn and Grow™

NEAMA Learn & Grow™️ are customized interactive discussion workshops that provide a safe, trauma-informed space for personal and professional development on topics related to physical, psychological and sexual wellness and safety. These workshops are geared towards educators, organizations of all sizes, and parents and caregivers in the movement arts. Our expert teaching faculty strive to create a safe space for self-reflection and team building, free of shame, so we can all learn and grow. 

  • Ages: Adult educators, business owners, leaders, movement artists, and parents/caregivers
  • Cost: Pricing dependent on workshop length and topics (financial aid options available)
  • Customizable
  • Topics available

NEAMA Community Education Workshops™️ (CEWs)

NEAMA Community Education Workshops™️ (CEWs) are FREE, live, and interactive community experiences led by our faculty of experts addressing nuanced and complex topics that impact the movement arts. We highly recommend attending the live events, as a deeper understanding of the topics occurs within the Q&A and discussion portion of the experience. CEW’s provide a safe, trauma-informed space for self-reflection and community building.


  • Ages: Varies per CEW
  • Cost: Free and open to the community. Donations are appreciated, but not required.
  • Where: Online - Zoom or Instagram
  • A NEAMA Certificate of Completion is available for specified CEWs.
  • Registration for each event will be released closer to the date.
  • Certain CEWs will be available as e-courses for an additional fee.  
    • Q&A and discussion portions will be edited out and not disseminated to participants that did not attend the live workshops.

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Events offered Certificate of Completions are indicated by the asterix * next to each event in our Calendar

Meet Patricia Sylvester,
NEAMA's CEW Coordinator

Darkness to Light Stewards of Children®

D2L 2020 Secondary Logo

NEAMA offers Darkness to Light (D2L)’s Stewards of Children® training which teaches how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. This training uses real people and real stories to show you how to protect children.

NEAMA Co-Founders Keanu Uchida and Leslie Scott Zanovitch are both authorized Darkness to Light facilitators and are humbled to host trainings specifically for members of the movement arts community.

Additional details:

  • Ages: Participants aged 16 and up, with all minors submitting an assent and consent waiver from their parent/caretaker.
  • 2 hours of CE/CEU credits for specific professionals in the medical, education, and legal/law enforcement professions in certain states. Please check here to see if you qualify.
  • D2L-granted Certificate of Completion participant.

NEAMA Certificate of Completion

NEAMA offers a Certificate of Completion for participation in our various educational workshops for personal and professional development. This provides you with affirmation and verification that you have completed one of NEAMA’s interactive workshops.

We offer Certificates of Completion for specified:

  • NEAMA Inside Moves™️
  • NEAMA Learn & Grow™️
  • Select NEAMA Community Education Workshops (CEWs)™️
  • Darkness to Light (D2L) Stewards of Children® Training

It’s important to note NEAMA Certificates of Completion...

  • do not endorse or certify those who receive them;
  • do not permit individuals to reproduce, disseminate, or teach any of the content;
  • do not offer any oversight or accountability as to how individuals and/or organizations will apply or implement the education that is taught.

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Tomi-Ann is smiling at the camera: she has straight and short blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. She is wearing thin hoop earrings, a shiny ring, and a black sleeveless turtleneck shirt while reclining against a concrete ledge. There are pine bushes and grasses behind her.

NEAMA is here to facilitate challenging conversations for those who recognize that the psycho-social-physical safety of those they serve and ultimately impact is paramount. NEAMA is not a regulatory agency, but for those seeking to cultivate safer and healthier movement arts spaces, NEAMA's trained experts are here to call you in with our high-impact educational tools.

Tomi-Ann Roberts, PhD, Research Psychologist,
Expert in Sexualization and Objectification

COMING SOON - More NEAMA Affiliated Published Research!

Many of our NEAMA members are authors of impactful published research that informs our education and advocacy. Here are some links to published research studies from three NEAMA contributors;

In the coming months we will be building out a library NEAMA affiliated evidence based research. Check back soon for more.