NEAMA is grateful to be forming powerful and edifying relationships with sponsors who represent healthy practices and principles within the movement arts. We are always looking to further expand our relationships in order to reflect the vibrancy of our community.

Sponsorship Ethics

As a nonprofit, NEAMA relies heavily on the in-kind and financial sponsorships of community businesses, as well as private donors. In order to maintain trust and stay in alignment to our values, ethics, and policies, NEAMA will assess each organization applying for a sponsorship opportunity to ensure that every sponsor is the right fit. NEAMA is in the process of expanding our internal checks and balances with respect to our relationships with sponsors to ensure that this is walked out in our practices.

NEAMA (Nonprofit Education and Advocacy for the Movement Arts)
NEAMA (Nonprofit Education and Advocacy for the Movement Arts)

NEAMA sponsors

NEAMA's launch would not be possible without the support of the below community businesses that have come alongside NEAMA to cultivate safer communities. Keep an eye on our growing list of sponsors:


MOP logo

Point of Grace


NewPath Logo






Kansas Dance Academy

Sponsorship requests

If you would like to see your logo on our site, or be featured in one of our interactive workshops, including our community events, reach out. You can learn more about how to sponsor NEAMA's many services and programs by filling out the form below. We would love to connect with you and discuss potential sponsorship opportunities!

NEAMA is a division of EDIFY Movement, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your financial gift will help NEAMA expand our mission and ability to better serve the members of our community. Donate now to help enrich the movement arts and combat physical, psychological and sexual abuse in our communities.