Jaleen Mackay

Launch Coordinator, NEAMA

Jaleen is smiling slightly at the camera. She has white skin, straight brown hair that goes past her shoulders, and brown eyes. She is wearing large, round glasses and a blue floral-print dress.

Jaleen is an educator and NEAMA's Launch Coordinator. She has been described (by herself) as "tired," "chaotic," and "scurrying between tasks like a highly productive but nonetheless panicked rodent."

Jaleen also works as a Project Coordinator at Students for Consent Culture Canada (SFCC), where she helps build modular and peer-based sexual violence trainings for Canadian post-secondary students. When she's not doing that, she serves SFCC in several other roles, including Secretary, Treasurer, IT Administrator, and Resident Worrier™️.

In her downtime, Jaleen likes long walks on Summoner's Rift and drinking tea to replenish her lifeforce.

You can contact Jaleen (Coordinator@SFCCCanada.org) to access resources and informal support regarding

  • student issues, particularly in regards to conflicts of interest; navigating policies and systems; student governments; and grassroots student organizing.
  • best practices for NPO governance, particularly in regards to Canadian provincial and federal regulations for nonprofits; basic bookkeeping principles; and building useful policies.
  • NPO technology and infrastructure, particularly in regards to Slack; Google Workspace; Zoom; Eventbrite; Microsoft Office; productivity apps; NPO discounts (TechSoup); data management and security; Canadian provincial and federal privacy policies (PIPA and FIPPA); AutoHotkey as an accessibility tool; and universal design in tech workflows.

Please be mindful that nearly all of Jaleen's work is on a volunteer basis: her capacity for further unpaid work is limited and highly variable. Thank you!