Patricia Sylvester

Community Education Workshops (CEWs) Coordinator,
C.A.R.E.S. Compassionate Advocate

Patricia is smiling at the camera. She has short gray hair, brown skin, and brown eyes. She is wearing a pair of black glasses as well as a t-shirt that says "momma bear" in cursive font on a bear pattern.

Triche "Miss. Triche" Sylvester has been teaching dance and fitness for 32 years. This former basketball player transitioned to dance training when her aspirations for playing professional basketball took a back seat to other interests. In 2002 Patricia started teaching dance and physical education on the collegiate level. Patricia served as an adjunct professor for 11 years at Portland State University (PSU). During her time at PSU, she developed her passion and skills for dance/fitness and turned that passion into a small business. Her initial DBA Live to Groove Productions was started. This allowed her to teach fitness boot camps, host workshops and master classes, train small groups, provide one on one training, mentor new trainers, provide lifestyle and nutrition coaching, and partner with several organizations to assist with community outreach.

Patricia currently owns and operates N.O.L.A Entertainment LLC (No One Lands Alone) which allows her to promote, produce, direct, and manage live presentations on the corporate level. She also provides space as needed for community members to shine artistically or train mind body and soul.

Another aspect of interest that Patricia has is a passion for Human Trafficking. Patricia comes from a law enforcement family. Her passion for representation and advocacy for victims runs deep.

Living a pro social life while maintaining positive relationships with mentors, friends and having a strong family unit is an important value to her. Miss. Triche is a grounding force that models bravery and a strong Faith in all she does. She serves NEAMA as a Board of Director, the Community Education Workshops (CEWs) Coordinator, and a C.A.R.E.S. Compassionate Advocate.