We are thrilled to share our interview with Turn Out Radio's Nicole Inica Hamilton where we talk about NEAMA's mission, program and services! We hear from Founder Leslie Scott Zanovitch and Co-Founder Keanu Uchida who share some context on their respective advocacy journeys.

"On this episode, dancer and advocate Keanu Uchida opens up about raising awareness on sexual abuse in the dance industry and working with key players in the industry for change. Also in this episode is choreographer, educator, and movement arts advocate Leslie Scott Zanovitch. Tune in as they share about the newly launched NEAMA (Nonprofit Education and Advocacy for the Movement Arts) An organization whose mission is to support transformative change toward safer practices in the movement arts."

"*This broadcast contains sensitive information and discussion regarding abuse. Listener discretion is advised. For questions related to this episode, please contact Turn Out Radio at turnoutradio@ciut.fm. For support and more information regarding the shares in this broadcast from the featured guests, visit www.neamacares.org."

Leslie is smiling slightly at the camera. She has long and wavy dark brown hair. Her skin is white and she has brown eyes. She is wearing large hoop hearings and a black leather jacket.
Keanu is looking at the ground with his arm twisted behind his head. The photo is black and white. Keanu has a medium-length haircut, a mustache, and is wearing a black t-shirt.