Dear Dance Community,

We want to issue a clarification concerning a statement in Dr. Tomi-Ann Roberts’ Nov 2nd letter about the 2019 transfer of ownership of YPAD. In response to YPAD’s Open Community Letter, NEAMA’s Board of Directors has thoroughly reviewed the aforementioned January 2019 agreement: we can confirm this was an asset purchase agreement. The intention of the letter was not to convey that there was no financial exchange related or involved in the purchase.

The agreement included:

  • a $1,500 payment to cover EDIFY Movement’s administrative debts,
  • a “royalty agreement” for future consultations by Leslie Scott Zanovitch under the for-profit configuration,
  • payments for
    • one (1) month of full-time work for Leslie Scott Zanovitch ($2,800),
    • part-time work for Joseph Zanovitch ($1,400),
    • part-time work for an administrative assistant ($800).

Between 2019 to June, 2022, Leslie earned a total of $114,984.00 for her labor as a content manager and developer; lead facilitator of all YPAD trainings; trainer for all facilitators; Co-Chair of the Advisory Panel; lead consultant for emergencies and high-impact situations; risk-assessment; and other needs.

Lastly, we would like to close with a reminder to the community. NEAMA operates on a non-profit model: that means we need time for discussing, collaborating, building consensus, voting, and finally executing our decisions. We need time to follow our democratic processes and that sometimes means that our communications will take time to prepare. For that reason, we humbly request your patience and understanding.

Our mission is centered on transparency and integrity: we’re grateful for the opportunity to provide further clarity on Dr. Tomi-Ann’s letter. We also thank the community for your responses and engagement. If you have any questions or would like to meet with NEAMA’s Board of Directors, please message us at or visit our Contact page.

Thank you,

NEAMA, Board of Directors